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FunLife Music is Alaska's & GeekTekNeeks' worldwide bassElation; dedicated to the art of music & having fun. We feel that music

unites all genres and nationalities.

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'Can't Keep Running Away' is the lead single from Alaska MC's double-album 'Fun-Life', A cinematic musical journey into the urban metropolis featuring guest vocalist Oni and explosive production from Gen0, where dancefloor dubstep drops collide with metal, hiphop and screamo influences to bring a hardcore street sound with global appeal from the heart of the underground.

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Video Gallery  'Can't Keep Running' - Behind the Scenes

Let Loose is the latest monster anthem from international reknown MCs Navigator and Alaska, uniting to bring their vision of real party music to the world with the help of Simplistix, Spankers, DJ D-Steal, KL2, Rod Justice, Geek TekNeek, Benny Kane and Jay Cross providing a range of mixes to cover all basses and ensure maximum exposure on the global party circuit, covering EDM, electro, trap, breakz, big room house and more.

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'Let Loose' Bass Bullies  Festival  Release

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Bass Bullies is the new force

in dance music worldwide. Founded by veterans Navigator & Alaska to bring you monster anthems over a buffet of bass heavies.


The undisputed Kings of the Ring when it comes to high-energy hooks and flows, Navigator and Alaska are back, bringing the heat to the streets with upbeat party vibes and videos to match featuring the colourful highlights of London Carnival.

Well It's about that time for you to make a 'SPLASH' with Russia's own bass music producer A.S. Beat and Alaska MC. Imagine spiraling down a 40ft waterslide... carving each turn & tunnel onto entering a refreshing pool of quirky bass hits!!


Released with a full music video filmed in Russia, Morocco & the UK alongside the FunLife 'ELEFUNK' dancers with a special guest appearance from vocalist Oni from the UK. Splash also comes fully equipped with a liquid breaks remix from UKs legendary Bassoholics electro producer/DJ GeekTekNeek.


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Video Gallery  'Let Loose'  Behind the Scenes

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Bass music legend 'Calvin Kooley - Music Medic' teams up with international recording artist Alaska MC to remix Spanish dance-music producer Bass Stations 'It's OK' EP. This collection of remixes sets the pace for his long awaited masterpiece and this rare creative collaboration which is echoing throughout the bass music scene. Calvin Kooley puts his bass heavy foot down on each track; bringing out new elements in each song that fits Alaska MCs' vocal performance like a glove. Truly a must hear and addition to your feel good playlist. Make sure you check the It's OK video remix!


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Spanish dance-floor producer Bass Station teams up with internationally renowned Alaska MC for a bombastic bounce session for the 3rd release from FunLife Music. Featuring UK vocalist Adante on 'Feeling High', this 4 song EP is overflowing with some ferocious booty shaking tasty bits; that only these boys know how to cook up.



Hands Up, is an uptempo electro festival breaks track that starts with a pounding kick and snare. Produced by Seville, Spain's legendary Sound Beach; Alaska MC lays down a spoken word ad lib that gets your attention immediately. We hear a swirling synth riff in the background before chords come in for the instantly catchy chorus hook: "Put your hands up, wanna see those hands up, gotta get them hands up...".

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